4-Week Online Course: Solo Jazz and Charleston 101

Tue 24 Mar 2020 - Wed 31 Mar 2021
£24 - £40

4-Week Online Course: Solo Jazz and Charleston 101

£24 - £40
Bash through all the classic jazz roots moves that you don't always have time to perfect when you're learning routines.

We’ll cover things like these classic ’solo jazz wishes': How to twist your feet in Charleston, how to do an amazing Shorty George, how to Suzie Q on your left, which moves start on 8 and which on 1.


When you sign up we'll send you the links to all the classes at once. You can view the classes whenever you like and as often as you like. If you have any questions for Cat, just drop us a note to info@swingpatrol.co.uk and we'll pass it along.

Once our classes are back, we'll leave the videos up for a little while but will remove them a month after the regular classes have restarted.


We're hoping that this is a way that we can continue to support our teachers and Swing Patrol over the coming weeks and also give you some dancing to work on at home.  The income from the courses will be split between the teachers and Swing Patrol as usual (after payment fees and VAT have been accounted for) and the team running these courses have generously decided to share all the income equally amongst them.  What that means is that if you only want to focus on your solo stuff, then the teachers doing the partnered Lindy courses will still get a share on the income.

This is your team!

Cat Foley

Jeff Tong

Michaela Delmonte

Robyn Larsen

Tobias Short