4-Week Online Course: Routine!

Wed 25 Mar 2020 - Wed 31 Mar 2021
£24 - £40

4-Week Online Course: Routine!

£24 - £40
The aim will be to learn a full routine with us over 4 sessions, and to send in a video of yourselves dancing the routine which will then be made into a montage video of everyone!

This will be aimed at Level 1.5/2/3 students, and will feature solo ghost dancing (partnered dancing without needing a partner) and some solo jazz choreography, so something for everyone. This will come through via weekly video and Jeff & Robyn will be online 8pm-9pm every Wednesday to reply live to any questions /comments as we follow along with your journey. Super!


Each week at 8pm on Wednesdays, we'll send you an email with a link to the video on youtube for that week.  The teachers will be online on from 8-9pm monitoring any questions or comments you might have.  If you have questions outside of that time, it's fine to still post a comment there or you can email info@swingpatrol.co.uk and we'll pass along your enquriy.

If you sign up after the course has started, we'll send you the previous weeks' emails so you can catch up.

Once our classes are back, we'll leave the videos up for a little while but will remove them a month after the regular classes have restarted.


Week 1: Wednesday 25th March 8pm

Week 2: Wednesday 1st April 8pm

Week 3: Wednesday 8th April 8pm

Week 4: Wednesday 15th April 8pm


We're hoping that this is a way that we can continue to support our teachers and Swing Patrol over the coming weeks and also give you some dancing to work on at home.  The income from the courses will be split between the teachers and Swing Patrol as usual (after payment fees and VAT have been accounted for) and the team running these courses have generously decided to share all the income equally amongst them.  What that means is that if you only want to focus on your solo stuff, then the teachers doing the partnered Lindy courses will still get a share on the income.

This is your team!

Cat Foley

Jeff Tong

Michaela Delmonte

Robyn Larsen

Tobias Short