Dance In A Day: Blues

Sun 23 Jul 2023

Dance In A Day: Blues

Join up for an introduction to Blues Dancing. This workshop is perfect for anyone with little or no blues dance (or any dance!) experience. In this workshop you will learn about movements fundamental to blues dancing.

What we’ll be covering:

Blues Dance Fundamentals: Exactly what it says on the tin! You will learn the fundamental components of blues dance working on basic rhythms, posture, connection, and that all important blues attitude! By the end of the class you will be travelling around the floor with effortless style!

Expand the Vocabulary: It’s time to give your dance some colour. Having learnt how to move around the room with the basic rhythms you will learn some variations and classic moves to make your dancing more interesting and help your confidence grow.

Don’t Forget to Play: An important part of blues dance is creativity and play. We will give you some tools to play with and you will have plenty of space to use your own creativity and have a fun experience with your partner.

Lead or Follow? This is a partnered dance so you will need to sign up as either a lead or a follow. We don’t mind which role you do! The day is a great way to meet some fun people as we rotate you around during the sessions. Please email if you have any questions about these roles.